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Thank you for visiting our website. This is a short read about our next event. Please feel free to contact us if you need further clarification.


Kajiado Cross Country (Kajiado XC) is a one day event aiming to bring together amateur and professional cyclists who desire to socialize and nature cycling as a sport in Kenya. In 2019 we hosted the fourth event on 9th November 2019 at Empeut Resort Ltd that attracted 31 entries, five times over the 7 entries we received in 2018. We plan to host the fifth installation of Kajiado XC on 8th of November 2020.

Our plan for 2020 is to introduce 3 trail hunting fun rides with no entry fee on 28 Dec 2019 (fun 25), 25 April 2020 (fab 50) & 22 August 2020 (Century). Before we roll out for the fun rides at 09h00, we shall have a brief workshop on gps apps and gadgets and how to configure maps for the respective routes. Note that the fun rides will have no supplementary packages and you are required to have your water (camel-back) and any other supplies that you need for your ride. Empeut Resort Ltd will host the village for the fun rides and the main event later in 2020. Empeut Resort Ltd will provide bike wash, parking and hospitality services to guests. They are located HERE (opposite Tata Chemicals Railway Depot, along Nairobi-Namanga road in Kajiado town). Check their website for more information and remember that by submitting your entry each participant fully indemnifies Kajiado XC and its stakeholders from all kinds of risk associated with Kajiado XC.

Studio Nomads Ltd and Empeut Resort Ltd have worked hand in hand to grow this event since 2015 when we held our launch party on 14 November. Studio Nomads Ltd provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions for all Kajiado XC events while Empeut Resort Ltd provides race village solutions for us. Conceptualization and implementation of Kajiado XC has seen us rope in various stakeholders  overtime including the county government of Kajiado, the national government, Safari Simbaz cycling trust and Sama Ice mineral water.  During the 2019 event we worked with and limitless outdoors to introduce e-bikes for hire during the event.

Our Social Responsibility which was initially focused towards AIC Kajiado Child Care and TILNAR (This is life not a rehearsal) Cycle Challenge has now been redirected towards promoting the music industry in Kenya while growing the cycling culture of Kajiado town and hopefully nurture a cycling club that can compete in the various cycling races in Kenya.

Finally, visit our Hall of Fame page that displays the all time rankings of past and future participants of Kajiado XC. The data is collected from our official race sheets. Please find time to engage with us through our Social Media Feed page and Contact Us page.


  • Entries for QOM and KOM suitable for hardcore and seasoned athletes go for Ksh2,000 (T-shirt & prize money pool) allowing you to compete on a 101km route with an elevation gain of 1,682meters. Participants in this category will be entitled to a t-shirt, race number, snacks, water and complementary entry for the music festival that will be held at the village from 12h00 till late. They will also be eligible to compete for the prize money that will consist of Ksh1,000 pooled from all successful entries for either QOM or KOM categories. Note that we will be on the lookout for various corporate clients looking to sponsor the entry fee for a team of 5 participants for KOM and a team of 5 participants for QOM. Send us a list of 5 athletes with a brief profile if you are interested and we shall pair you accordingly with on-boarded corporate sponsors.
  • Adult social entries are suitable for intermediary and non competitive riders. Entry fee is Ksh1,000 and e-bikes can be hired for use in this category. The rider has the option to choose between the QOM/KOM route or go for the fab 50 route estimated at around 58km with a 765 meter elevation gain. All participants in this category will be entitled to a t-shirt, race number, snacks, water and complementary entry for the music festival that will be held at the race village from 12h00 till late.
  • Kids social goes for Ksh1,000 and is designed for young riders and the stage is set for them on our 23km fun 25 route with a 300 meter elevation gain. Participants in this category will be entitled to a t-shirt, race number, snacks, water and complementary entry for the music festival that will be held at the race village from 12h00 till late.
  • E-Bike fun ride will be held from 15h00 and will enable guests to take an e-bike for a 20min adrenaline filled ride around the fun 25 route. Rides in this category are priced in 20min intervals and will cost you Ksh1,500 per ride. Participants in this category will not be entitled to any race packs.

    NB: These categories are only applicable for the main event to be held on 8th of November 2020.


We intent to keep the routes introduced for 2019 with 100% dirt and gravel track routing through beautiful Masai country. Three route options to choose from all of which have been fully recced on bikes;

1) Long Route – 101km and 1628m of climbing.
2) Middle Route – 58km and 765m climbing.
3) Short Route – 23km and 300m climbing.

The Short Route and the Middle Route will be marked out with chalk / spray can so GPS is not essential. The Long Route riders will need to be self supported with good GPS skills.

The Middle Route and Long Route riders MUST have tubeless tyres (with a double shot of fresh gunk in each) and equip themselves and be familiar with tubeless rope repairs.

Four water point will have refreshments and water top up and also record riders through. Some of the routes are not accessible / recommended for four wheel vehicles therefore boda boda with access to medic and mechanic will be patrolling the routes and supporting riders.

Start is at Empeut Resort in Kajiado – start is at 9am with number pick up from 8am.

Events also Friday and Saturday evenings for those staying in the area.

  • Century route (Long Route) is 101km and 1628m climbing. Note that this is a self supported ride for advanced riders with good GPS skills. GPS is compulsory.
  • FAB 50 route (Middle Route) is 58km and 765m climbing. This route will be marked and marshaled. No GPS needed.
  • FUN 25 route (Short Route) is 23km and 300m climbing. This route will be marked and marshaled. No GPS needed.


Friday, 7th of November 2020
18h00 – 19h30: Overland truck will pick up guests and athletes outside the Supreme Court parking in Nairobi.
20h30 – 21h00: Guests arrive at Empeut Resort, freshen up, have dinner and retire at their own pleasure.

Saturday, 8th of November 2020
06h00 – 08h30: Breakfast, online registration and verification.
08h30 – 09h00: Event briefing, rules and regulations.
09h00 – 14h00: KOM and QOM kicks off.
09h05 – 14h00: Adult Social kicks off.
09h10 – 14h00: Kids Social kicks off.
14h00 – 15h00: Lunch, prize giving and vote of thanks.
15h00 – 18h00: E-bike fun ride.
12h00 – 00h00: Music festival with live performances from selected artists and deejays.
21h00 – 22h30: Overland truck departs from Empeut Resort, Kajiado to the Supreme Court parking, Nairobi.


We will handle entries from international participants on a case by case basis. We will assist with local accommodation arrangements plus shuttle transfers from airport to hotel and back. Safari excursions to nearby tourist attractions and ultimately the beach may be arranged after the event date. Get in touch with us directly to organize for your travel and housekeeping issues associated with it.


We currently accept payments through M-PESA and there are two options to check out from the entries page

  • Pre-paid M-Pesa Payment: Select this option if you have paid for the event without going through the entries page on our website. Kindly note that you will be required to enter the M-Pesa transaction code received when submitting your entry. All participants MUST submit their entries through our website.
  • Online M-Pesa Payment: Select this option if you would like to pay against the items on your cart when submitting your entry.
  • Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number 549050.

    NB: Those planning to pay during registration on 8th of November 2020 can do so at the registration desk. However, you will be required to submit your entry through the entries page on our website before getting a race number. No one will be allowed to participate for Kajiado XC 2019 without a race number.