About Kajiado XC


Kajiado Cross Country (Kajiado XC) is a one day event aiming to bring together amateur and professional cyclists who desire to socialize and nature cycling as a sport in Kenya. In 2019 we hosted the fourth event on 9th November 2019 at Empeut Resort Ltd that attracted 31 entries, five times over the 7 entries we received in 2018. We plan to host the fifth installation of Kajiado XC on 14th of November 2020. Our plan for 2020 was to introduce 3 trail hunting fun rides with no entry fee, though covid-19 made this impossible.

Empeut Resort Ltd normally host our village for Kajiado XC. They provide bike wash, parking and hospitality services to all the guests. Due to Covid-19 this year’s event would be different as we have to implement social distancing and ensure that the event is Covid-19 compliant. Empeut Resort Ltd was also affected by Covid-19 and they are currently working on modalities to resume operations with the new normal. 

Kajiado XC is open to the public but we urge the guests to understand that this is an adventurous sport and as a result non of the stakeholders of Kajiado XC including its organizers, suppliers and guests shall accept liability for any outcome resulting from your participation in the Kajiado XC events. It is implicit that by submitting your entry each participant fully indemnifies Kajiado XC and its stakeholders from all kinds of risk associated with Kajiado XC.

Studio Nomads Ltd
and Empeut Resort Ltd have worked together to grow this event since 2015 when we held our launch party on 14 November. Studio Nomads Ltd provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions for all Kajiado XC events while Empeut Resort Ltd provides race village solutions for us. Conceptualization and implementation of Kajiado XC has seen us rope in various stakeholders overtime. We also accommodate various suppliers who would like their products to interact with our attendees at the race village.

Our Social Responsibility is currently focused on supporting the music industry in Kenya through promotional mix-tapes and procuring their services for an after-party.